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We at CLEO Flooding, help you bring your property back on track by providing restoration services by our experienced professionals. Floods can occur due to various reasons such as tsunamis, cloudburst, a dam breaking, firefighting effect, rising levels of rivers or even water pipe bursting. In such events, your valuable property may get washed away or damaged based on the severity of the impact.

Now you are not alone! When such a disaster strikes, CLEO Flooding is there to provide you the required aid and a helping hand to renovate your property back to normal, we also come and assessed the problem by using waterproofing products from Canadian Rooter . Not only property restoration, but CLEO Flooding also helps you keep diseases like asthma and pneumonia away which spread from the mold that grows in polluted water.

Immediate Follow-Up

As soon as you report a flooding incident to us, our team will immediately move to the premises and start the follow-up plan, which includes-

•    Initial Procedure:

  • Reach your premise as soon as possible along with our expert team
  • Identify the root cause of the water flooding
  • Inspection and estimation of the damage caused
  • Conduct a moisture test to know how much moisture has been accumulated

•    Water Extraction and drying  Procedure:

  • Elimination of excess water from the area using required measures
  • Drying or dehumidification of the concerned area
  • Conducting a thorough clean-up and sanitizing to maintain good hygienic standards

•    Bacterial Removal Process:

  • Spraying of anti-bacterial solutions in order to kill water-borne bacteria
  • Spraying of odor removal agents for a good breathable environment


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